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A Hand is an essential body member in connecting us to one another, to our environment, and to nature. The infinite spectrum of emotions through hand expressions got Tara curious in capturing them: they articulate moments of recognition to one another, of anxiety and despair, moments of tenderness and affection, moments of revolt and oppression… The way we use our hands translates who we are, the way we communicate with our environment, the way we live.

A scene that moved her profoundly happened during the eruption of the Lebanese Revolution on the 17th of October 2019. She got the shivers witnessing citizens with their synchronized fists movement, high up in the air, in a majestic display of unity.

Besides, while her sister and her design products for their Design studio T SAKHI, she enjoys observing artisans working with their craft. Be it murano in Venice, stone in Cairo, wood and metal works in Beirut, bejucco and macramé in Tulum…

With the covid-19 pandemic unfolding, we are suddenly being denied of some of the basic things we long took for granted. Our daily way of life has mutated, putting the spotlight on our hands. Now, is a good time for our hands to ‘reflect’ on their influence on our environment.


Canvas Magazine

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