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Nomadic and armed with her camera, Beirut-raised with polish origins, Tara is obsessed with portraying her hybrid sense of belonging, with all its paradoxes and complexities. Her work is tainted with a latent feeling of nostalgia, a world of memory we often cling onto to define our individual identities.

Her diverse works portray a world suspended between reality and the state of dreaming.

After her master degree in architecture in Paris, she moved across the Atlantic and fell in love with New York city where she bought her first analog camera. One foot in Berlin, another in Beirut, two years later she joined forces with her younger sister Tessa, and together cofounded a multi-disciplinary design studio, T SAKHI, with projects adapting to her wandering soul: ranging from designing ephemeral public structures in Beirut, Murano glass vases in Venice where she resides today, stone sculptures in Cairo, and lighting installations in Tulum.

Passionate about the art the cinema and set design, the world through her lens is injected with an enigmatic cinematic feel. 

Represented for fashion editorials by VALERIA ELLE MANAGEMENT

Part of platform and online gallery DIGITAL FOUNTAIN

Former member of photography collective BON VOYAGE

Set Designer profile on IMDb

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